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i-Phos Spectrometer

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At £49, the i-Phos Light, IR and UV spectrometer is an affordable entry into professional-standard light, IR & UV spectroscopy.

It's easy to use. Just install the free Windows PC software, plug in to USB and right then - you're analysing the light entering the instrument - accurate to within about 5nm, in dynamic colour graphics.

The i-Phos can see wavelengths from approximately 400 - 1000 nm and their relative (though not their absolute) intensities. You can analyse sunlight, moonlight, indoor and outdoor light sources, grow lights (LEDs, CFLs, HIDs, etc.) - light spectra from anything.

You can configure the instrument to perform absorption spectroscopy, for analysing oils etc.

The software provides sophisticated features to make using your i-Phos a fascinating pleasure, yet it's really easy to just plug in and get started.

Full software documentation is provided.

Who is i-Phos For?

Horticulturalists, professional or otherwise, can use the i-Phos to design and then maintain the perfect lighting setup for their needs - in terms of the emitters and the transparency of their enclosure materials.

Educators in schools, colleges and universities will find teaching light science with the i-Phos easy and fun.

Parents will find the i-Phos a real asset for their inquisitive children to explore light science.

Scientists, at work and at home, will find the i-Phos, with its 1nm accuracy, just as capable, in many ways, as scientific instruments costing 100 times as much.

Whoever you are, diverse fields of application could include astronomy, Raman spectroscopy, oils analysis, flame analysis, checking LED and laser calibrations, and much more.

i-Phos Light Spectrometer

Construction is as follows:

  • The cylindrical body is approximately 80mm (3 1/4 inches) in diameter and 330mm (13 inches) long. It is made from high density cardboard, covered in glossy plastic sheeting. The inside is spray painted matt black to minimize glare.
  • The back plate houses a CMOS camera sensor and a diffraction grating, held in precise registration by a 3D-printed mounting frame.
  • The 3D-printed front plate allows the fitting of exchangeable slit plates, so you can control the light levels entering the instrument.
  • Between the front and end plates is a 3D-printed diaphragm plate which improves instrument performance.
  • The i-Phos comes with one 1mm slit plate. Other widths are also available.
  • The i-Phos comes with a standard USB 2.0 USB connection for use in Windows PCs and laptops. USB 3 is also fine.
  • A 3D-printed industry-standard mounting clip is available, allowing you to mount your i-Phos on standard tripods etc. Do reduce cost it's an optional purchase.

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Purchasing Your i-Phos

i-Phos spectrometer & 1mm slit plate


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Packing & Posting (Shipping)

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United Kingdom £7
Rest of World £18

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Import duties might be payable in your country which you would be liable to pay.

Tripod mounting bracket


Allows you to mount your i-Phos on a tripod or other support using a standard mount attachment. 3D printed, with a steel threaded attachment point.

Check box to include a mount


By default your i-Phos will come with a one-piece fixed aperture 1mm slit frame. It's a simple cost-effective solution for many applications, and a great choice for beginners and tinkerers. If you opt for this one, you can still upgrade your instrument later with the interchangable slit plate.


You do not need to select this item.
Unless you select the slit frame below, your i-Phos will come with this frame.

By default your i-Phos will come in black. If you would prefer a red covering select the option below.

Optional red covering

No extra charge

Check box to order a red i-Phos

If you are working with very bright and/or very dim light sources, you will want the ability to change the aperture on your i-Phos. That's what this slit frame does. It's a three-piece frame which allows the insertion of interchangable slit plates - from 0.5mm to 5mm. It comes automatically with the 1mm slit plate, and you can purchase others as you like.

Slit frame for interchangable slit plates


Check box to include the interchangable slit frame


Additional Slit Plates


Narrower slit plates give slightly higher resolution but admit less light, so they are good for strong light sources. If you need more sensitivity for weaker sources, a wider slit plate allows more light into the instrument at the expense of a little spectral resolution.

Check any additional slit plates you need below:

0.5 mm slit plate
2 mm slit plate
3 mm slit plate
4 mm slit plate
5 mm slit plate


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